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We create a deep sense of engagement.
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One beat, one voice, one team!

African Rock Theatre
We have designed a show for private, public and special events, combining powerful performance pieces with an interactive experience.
By inviting guests to interact with the facilitator and musicians, we create a deep sense of engagement with the other guests, and the event itself.
Suited for:
• Gala Dinners
• Fundraisers
• Industry Evenings
• Private and Public parties
• Sports events
• Cocktail Parties
The Djembe drum is possibly the most influential and basic of all the African drums, originally. It dates back to 500 A.D. The drum rhythm of the djembe is performed in the evening for most celebrations.

Drums are almost always an accompaniment for any manner of ceremony – births, crops, and marriages – together with a ritual dance and song. The sound of many drums pounding together is also a necessary instalment to stir up emotions to inspire excitement and passion. This is a great way to create unity and harmony within a special event; everyone joins the Tribe!
What we offer:
• An entertaining, yet beneficial ice breaker for events
• A show designed to promote group synergy amongst strangers
• Powerful performance pieces to kick off or close events
• 5 minutes to 1 hour performances
• Suited from 10 to 400 people
• From 3 to 6 Performers (including 1 facilitator)
• Full set up and removal of drums

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Client 1

Client 2

Private and Public Party.

Client 2
Private and Public Party

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Sports Event.

Client 3
Sports Event